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My name is Nathaniel. I was born Nov. 23, 1987 in Richmond,VA. I am attending Charleston Southern University for one more semester.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This summer has been a challenge mentally in a few areas of life, but has also been rewarding. I have traveled over seas as well as the US. I first started the summer out in Poland. Starting there I was nervous. I had never been over seas or really on my own. I learned the metro system and how to get around a city on foot. I had to give a presentation to Polish: Judges, Solicitors, and Police. While in Poland we made it out to Auschwitz it was an eye opening experience, especially after reading and studying it a lot as a kid. We got to visit a prison, SWAT training, and I got to shoot a gun for the first time on a range. I was the only male on the trip out of 4 women. We made many friends in Poland and did not want to leave. After Poland we ventured to Prague, where we proceeded to get ticketed on the metro. Altogether we went to Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, and Hungary.
Once I got back to the states I was in Charleston for about 30 hours then on 2 more flights to meet up with Matt and Nick to work for a few weeks for CSU. I landed in Harrisburg,PA. We were in Mt. Union,PA for a week. We then traveled to Peoria, Illinois where we took a 6 hr round trip car ride to a Cardinals game in Missouri. After that we went to Louisville,KY where we wondered into the Lousiville Slugger Museum. Matt and I met Nick's friend George who is a pretty cool cat. We then went to Pittsburg,PA to rest for a few days and we are currently on our last leg of the trip in Washington DC.

God has provided and given me the strength to carry on.

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